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Marlena Soulsby, Nancy McLain, Floyd Merrit, Mary Jane Llewellyn, Clara Browning, Rose Mary, Dorothy and Joe Bryer, Nancy Armstrong,  Diane and Tom Stombaugh, , John O'Connor,   Mason Climas 

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 Advent Small Group:  

Pastor Amy will be leading a small group based around our upcoming Advent focus called "Christmas is not Your Birthday".  The group will meet on Sundays at 5pm beginning November 27.  Register today by placing your name and contact info in the offering plate, or by contacting Pastor Amy.    

Because hospitals no longer call the Pastor as it interferes with patient privacy, the Pastor asks the family of anyone in the hospital to please call her.   

Pastor Amy may be reached at or at 570-489-0713 

Please send an email or call with a message to Marla as to who may need to be in our community of prayer and for announcements. It is needed for the bulletin by Wednesday evening.  Thank you.           Phone: 876-5357    362-4260    

The mission statement of the Peckville and Bradley Methodist Churches:

 "To glorify God by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and reaching out to a world in need."