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Babe Kowalko, Patricia Rieder, Rick Bowen, Ed Bush, Sr.,
Jack Williams, Elva Foy, Pat Molinaro, Carol Phillips, Barbara Perry, Ron Pokorney, Amelia Woody, Susan Homick Turissini,
Bob Elvidge and Pat Dempsey
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    1/18        Food and Fellowship today
    1/20        Bible Study 7pm
    1/22        Choir Rehearsal 6:45pm
    1/24        Red Door Café  at PUMC  12noon
    1/24        Roast Beef Dinner 3:30-5:30

Food and Fellow ship is today.  Please plan to stay and join us after church service.
•    Our church is still supporting the Red Bird Mission.  Monetary donations are always accepted as are the "Box Tops for Education" and Campbell's "Label for Education".  I accept all and forward them to the Mission.    Paul

•    Tickets are now available for our winter roast beef dinner, TAKE OUT ONLY, on Sat., Jan 24th from 3:30 to 5:30PM.  Cakes and help will  be needed for this dinner. See Bonny or Bob Elvidge for tickets @ $12. per dinner.
        $14 at the door.
Red Door Cafe will take place on January 24th at 12pm at Peckville UMC.  This lunch is for ANYONE in need.  Help is needed.  Also we are asking for cakes to be made.  Please contact Bonny Taylor for more information. 570-489-6093.

•    Today there is a "special offering".   For those who do not use the pre-printed church envelopes, if you would like to  contribute, please do so in a white envelope labeled HUMAN RELATION Sunday.  Thank you.  There is plain white envelopes on the side table if you need one.

        The annual Peckville UMC winter retreat at Sky Lake is approaching     fast. The retreat runs Friday evening Jan 30th through Sunday early afternoon Feb 1st.  Give  this weekend a try. We know that you will want to come back year after year once you have experienced   Sky Lake through nature and Christian fellowship.  If you would like to attend please contact
Sarah Taylor- Conlon 570-550-5976
Tom Taylor 570-760-8233

Because hospitals no longer call Pastor as it interferes with patient privacy, the Pastor asks the family of anyone in the hospital to please call him.

Rev. Shambora may be reached at570-371-8123

    Please send an email or call with a message to Marla as to who may need to be in our community of prayer and for announcements needed for the bulletin by Wednesday evening.  Thank you. Phone: 876-5357 or 362-4260