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"He who sings prays twice"   - St. Augustine

Choir practice is held each Thursday 6:45 (September to May) either in the Sanctuary or in the basement fellowship room.
Rehearsal is relaxed as we learn the music we use to praise God.

  Methodism seems to have been born or at least nourished  in song. The founder of our denomination John Wesley wrote many hymns and his brother Charles wrote over 6,000 hymns. With John's powerful sermons and Charles' equally powerful and inspiring hymns many came to know the grace of our Lord. This is not to say that United Methodists are static in their music.Many of our "old favorite" hymns were written in the middle to late 19th century during the great revivals and every generation since has added to the heritage and texture of our worship through music. John Wesley himself was innovative in reaching his parishioners through song. It was not unusual for him to marry a popular tune of the day with words of grace and salvation.  The Peckville UMC, keeping with this tradition of singing praise, you may hear an anthem or a hymn as ancient as can be found or as modern as being heard on a Christian radio station on your drive to church. Singing for the glory of God and the inspiration and comfort of his people.

Thomas G Taylor Jr. "Web Servant"
Having written the above I hope it is accurate. If anyone reads anything above that is not true let me know.